Member Secretary & Executive Director

The main goal of SDI was to reduce poverty. To face this goal SDI is operating various kinds of development issues besides micro credit program; meanwhile, 9500 poor fishermen are getting assistance with the financial support  & technical support of World fish Center in the working area. Accordingly, 5800 poor family members were distributed vegetable seeds to operate homestead gardening program, 500 beneficiaries were given goats, 500 farmers were distributed seeds & among them 1200 person were technically supported by Jibon O Jibika project. Not only is that, the beneficiaries being supported by gender development, health program, good governance, watsan program and MCHN-ELL project. I would like to thank to all of our donor agencies for their endless cooperation.

Meanwhile, under the vaccination camp program 2,911 cattle of 03 branches have been FMD & PPR vaccinated with the donation of ICDBD Foundation. With the 9 years experiences we have realized that micro credit is the way to reduce poverty not the main solution. Moreover, our rural economy has been strengthened by micro credit. The rural women are involved with Income Generating Activities (IGA) now-a-days. But we also need education, health, agriculture, housing, women development program besides micro credit program.

Recently, M@K Group has initiated a program named “SAMRIDHI” which will play a vital role to our rural economy. I hope that will be effective coastal belt destitute people.

I thank all of my employees, members, volunteers & well wishers for their endless cooperation and entire donor agencies especially ICDBD Foundation for their generous support.

I wish all concerned of SDI every success.