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Name of  Program  Activities /Focus Name  of Donar  Present Status
01. Development Education A. Awareness Building And Concretization.

B. Staff Development
C. Skills Development In Agriculture, Handicraft, Livestock, And Marketing Of The Product

ICDBD Foundation,  M@k Group, SDI Continue
02. Gender And Development Female Participation insure in All Level ICDBD Foundation , SDI Continue
03. Wash Sanitation and Water Supply ICDBD Foundation , SDI Fund stopped but activities are going on.
04. Income Generative and Employment Program (IGEP) Reduce Poverty Elevation ICDBD Foundation,  M@k Group, SDI Continue
05. Health Rights Project (HRP) Protect Child Health & Mother And All ICDBD Foundation,  M@k Group, Fund stopped but activities are going on.
06. Good Governance Strengthening Local Government ICDBD Foundation,  M@k Group, SDI Fund stopped but activities are going on.
07. Homestead Food Production Program Insure Food Security SDI Fund stopped but activities are going on.
08. MCHN/ ELL Maternal Child Health And Nutrition. Amily Thtyion, Drainage, And Improvement Of Rural Infrastructure And Markets. Continue
09. Aquaculture Insure The Affected Fish Farmer Rehabilitation. SDI Fund stopped but activities are going on.
10. Strengthening Civil Society Coalitions To Promote Anti-Corruption Reforms To Ensure The Corruption Free Country. ICDBD Foundation, SDI Fund stopped but activities are going on.
11. Civil Society Alliance For Child Rights In South Child Rights ICDBD Foundation,  M@k Group, SDI Non Funding Project.

Special Activities on Livestock Poultry & Fisharies

SL. Name of IGA Trained Up Support to Them Organized By
01. Beef Fattening 1115 107 ICDBD,M@K Group & SDI
02. Cow Rearing 1823 2466 ICDBD & SDI
03. Goat Rearing 1850 1420 ICDBD,M@K Group & SDI
04. Poultry Rearing 1130 12257 ICDBD & SDI
05. Vaccination 117 Free vaccine supply
to them for earning
06. Fisheries 11237 Free fingerlings cash
support, fish feeding,
net, lime, TSP,
urea supply to them.


Current Working Programs

Current Program and Donors

SL. No Project Name Main Donor Working Area Project Objective
 01.  Good Governance (Strengthening Local Governance through Participatory and Responsive local Governance) ICDBD Foundation,  M@k Group, SDI  6 Union of Barisal Sader, 4 Union of Babugonj Upazila Under Barisal district. 01. Interface among community, civil society and local government established and effectiveness and responsiveness of public institutions enhanced.
02 . Improved Union Parishads strengthened and quality of public services.
03. Micro-macro linkages and local-national policy mechanisms established and advocacy on responsive local governance initiated.
 02.  Jibika O Jibon Project  

ICDBD Foundation,  M@k Group

 5 Unions of  Rajbari & 6 Union of Sirajgonj  Upazila under Sirajgonj  district. 1. Decreased household food in security.

2. Increased Homestead Food Production and Utilization.
3. Improved household food production practices adopted and utilized.
4. Improved marketing practices adopted and utilized.

5. Food availability and purchasing power at thehousehold level increased substantially by the end of the project.

 03.  Health Rights Project  Training Centre & Population Services  (TCPS)/ Manusher Jonno (MJ)  5 Unions of Sirajgonj  & 6 Union of Pangsha Upazila under Rajbari district.  Ensure Community health Rights:
1. To get health service.2. Right to take decision about self health.3. To get information about health.
 04.  Gender & Development Project  ICDBD Foundation,  M@k Group & SDI  2Union of Pangsha Upazila & 3 Word of Sirajgonj  City Corporation under Sirajgonj  district.  1. Equality between men and women at the levels of organizational planning, policy making and action
2. Equal rights, opportunities and effective participation of both men and women at all levels of organization.3. Ensure sustainable development by prioritizing gender equality in the mainstream organizations
 05.  Cyclone Affected Aquaculture Rehabilitation Project. (CAARP)  World Fish Center  Hizla Upazilla and Babugonj, Muladi under Barisal district.  Ensure the SIDR affected Fish Farmers rehabilitation and protect health and nutrition.
 06.  MCHN ICDBD Foundation &  M@k Group  Sirajgonj  & Pangsha Upazila under Rajbari district Eensure the maternal child and nutrition.
 07.  Watsan  ICDBD Foundation  Sirajgonj  Upazila under Sirajgonj  district..  Ensure the Sanitation and water supply.
 08.  Strengthening Civil Society Coalitions to Promote Anti-Corruption Reforms ICDBD Foundation ,  M@k Group & SDI Sirajgonj  Upazila under Sirajgonj  district..  Ensure the corruption free country.
 09.  Participatory Local Governance & Strengthening Pro-poor  Project(PLGSPP) ICDBD Foundation ,   Pangsha Upazila under Rajbari district

& Sirajgonj  district

Facilitate platforms towards inclusive and empowered society by enhancing civic engagement/ participation efforts and quality of local democratic governance.